A dining experience at Taqueria Fiesta is not soon forgotten. While guests stand in line, order and take a seat, similar to the systems of many fast-casual restaurants, the similarities end there. The clean and playful design of all of the restaurants, the speed at which “from scratch” Southern, Mexican and Southwestern dishes are delivered, and the taste of such original selections creates a dining experience unlike many others.

Since opening in 2000, Taqueria Fiesta has offered diners many inventive and delicious options for lunch and dinner. While the menu is driven by Mexican cuisine, many of the tacos and tortas feature cross-cultural flair. Taqueria Fiesta is truly one of a kind, the quality of fine dining ingredients against fast-casual prices, and offering authentic Southwestern selections as well as a variety of Southern-inspired menu choices.

The best combination of a simple menu with flavorful dishes has kept customers of the restaurant returning day after day.

Popular selections include the Cheese dip and salsa starter (roja, asada and fresca), the home made tortillas tacos (Carne asada , jalapeño asado, tacos, tortas and more). Must Try Before You Die.” Taqueria Fiesta also have specials, featuring a tacos with a home made tortillas and tortas with freshly baked bread. is one of the favorite taco specials in rotation on the popular weekly menu.

And for drinking we have the delicious agua de orchata, jamaica , tamarindo guayaba imported drinks like coca cola, jarritos and a lot more variety.

Taqueria Fiesta features a  bar with a wide variety of tequila, liquor and bottled beer selections. Innovative margaritas, Margaronas, michelada, such as the West Side (Herradura Reposado, Patron Citronge) and a “Build-Your-Own Margarita” option are just some of the great drink choices.

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